Calitrippin Surf Trips are the ultimate budget friendly surf getaway's

to some of the most epic surf breaks in California, Mexico and Central America. Most trips take place over a quick weekend and some trips are planned for 5-7 days.


  • airfare including carry-on bag & surfboard checked-in
  • Tourist visa, border taxes/fees (international)
  • room (shared), walking distance to surf (private rooms available for extra fees)
  • transportation to/from airport & surf breaks
  • local surf guide(s)
  • surf photos
  • Calitrippin swag
  • Ice cold beer


Remember that dude on the homepage behind the lens? yeah, it's me, Steve- I have personally visited and surfed all of these destinations, made friends with the locals and prepared the accommodations and itineraries for all the surf trips. I'll be along for the ride to guide you to the best surf and local activities. I'll also be in the water capturing all the stoke.

For the past 5 years (prior to COVID), I had made monthly personal surf trips all over the world to both surf and expand my surf photography business. Since COVID started, I've continued to travel throughout Mexico (the only country that hasn't closed its border) and spent over a month down there when I came up with the idea to start organizing group surf trips to share the stoke. 

My mission with these surf trips is to show everyone an amazing and unforgettable experience. I personally love immersing myself in different cultures to get the true experience of traveling and learning about the local culture and customs. I expect my guests to share the same love for surfing and being open-minded and respectful of others.



All surf trips take place at a destination where you can wake up, grab your board and head out for dawn patrol or meet up for some yoga. Some mornings we'll pack up with a guide to take us to another surf break not too far away.


After all it is a getaway for you, sleep when you want, have a few cold ones, explore the town and enjoy your time away.


Sunsets surf's are some of the best, just to be in the ocean when the sun dips below the waterline. Based on the days plans we'll either be out at a surf break or at our accommodations local surf spot.


I always like to invite everyone out to dinner or to chill with locals, there are always nearby activities to go snorkeling, swim with whales, release turtle hatching's and volunteer with dog rescues depending on the location.



NEXT TRIP: Spring 2023


NEXT TRIP: spring 2023