ZIHUATANEJO / IXTAPA are sister cities on mainland Mexico's pacific coast, in the state of Guerrero. There are 15+ notable surf breaks in the region with consistent year round swell. This trip is intended for intermediate to advanced surfers. I will not accept beginners for safety reasons.

Our surf crew will consist of up to 6 guests and 2 hosts, including myself. I will primary be in the water taking photos but I'll also hop on a board some days.

Please contact me for dates and pricing if they are not yet posted. If interested you can organize your own surf crew before individuals have started to book.

Our surf guide and host, Winter, will pick us up from the airport, strap the board bags on the roof, provide a tasty breakfast torta and take us straight to our first surf break!

Below is information I've put together that has worked well on past trips. Please let me know if you have any questions at all.

I will send out a questionnaire after the trip to collect any feedback you can provide about the whole process and trip itself so I can improve on anything.


Winter (our host)



We will meet at Cross Border Xpress (CBX) the day of departure. CBX is an exclusive pedestrian bridge for passengers to cross the US/Mexico border to the Tijuana International Airport.

I recommend either taking an Uber/Lyft there or parking in their secured lot ($15/day). There is also a shuttle that runs hourly from the San Diego Airport Rental Car Center but i don't believe they run overnight.

In order to cross you must have the following documents -

  • Passport (book or card)
  • FMM Form (Forma Migratoria Múltiple)
  • Airline Boarding pass
  • CBX ticket

I will provide the CBX ticket, boarding pass and FMM form, you must have your valid passport.


Entering CBX we will need to scan our boarding pass and CBX ticket and then proceed to walk approximately 15 minutes over the US/Mexico border. When we arrive on the Mexico side, we will be at a customs station where you will need to provide your passport and FMM form.

After customs we are in the Tijuana International Airport. We will check our surfboards and proceed through security to the boarding gate area.


Flights operate on Fridays & Sundays, early mornings; dates have not been confirmed yet.

Time zone is 2 hours behind California.

The sunlight schedule is +1 hour from California (sun rises/sets +1hr later)


We will occupy 4 tropical villas in the surf village of Troncones. The villas offer easy open air living, with a connection and respect for the natural environment. Each Villa has 2 beds (that may be separate sizes), bathroom, living room area and a kitchen.

Troncones is about 20 miles north of Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo and nestled between the Sierra Madre mountains and the Mexican Riviera. It's a surf village where visitors find the easy pace and welcoming spirit of a classic Mexican hideaway. Travelers are drawn to Troncones for the unspoiled and barefoot beach vibe that has diminished elsewhere along Mexico's coast. It still has tasty local restaurants and fun activities to keep visitors comfortable.


Most importantly Troncones offers a diverse selection of year round warm water surf. Located in the tropics, you never need more than your boardshorts and a rashguard. The mountains in the backdrop produce off shore winds almost every morning. Troncones sits toward the middle of an open ocean bay and receives swell energy from both the northern and southern hemispheres.

Directly across the street from the Villas is the mile long stretch of Tronones beach break made up of sandbars nestled up against various rock clusters. It takes on swell year round from all directions. The best sandbars have waves that break top to bottom and offer a chance for a cover up or two. On the north end of Troncones is Manzanillo Bay, some of the heaviest surf in the area when the conditions are right. A left hand rock/reef empties into deep water so it almost never closes out.


Winter, grew up in the area, went to grade school in the US (Santa Cruz) and knows the area and hidden surf break locations very well. In addition, I am part of a WhatsApp group of local surfers who post videos every morning of conditions; we will be invited to some local secret spots. There is a set itinerary of morning and evening surf sessions- the locations are flexible and will be based on conditions. Everyone in the group is encouraged to join, there will be no splitting up the group for separate surf breaks although you are welcome to stay behind at the Villas.

The trip will serve you a sample platter of different surf breaks in the area consisting of reef breaks, point breaks, river-mouth, sandbars, jetty's, etc. Towards the end of the trip we can revisit any favorites collectively decided by the group. If you decide to return to Zihua in the future, you will have an idea of where to go back to and re-surf your favorites.


  • Passport
  • Surfboard (rentals are also available)
  • Clothing (less is more, it is a tropical climate)
  • I do not recommend a wetsuit, water temp is in the 80's
  • I will have a calitrippin tank top for you
  • Cash/Pesos
  • You will need cash for food. There are ATM's in the cities but in the smaller towns they often run out. Also smaller towns are less likely to take credit cards. $100 USD is approximately $2000 Pesos.


Arrival Day-

  • Land in Zihuatanejo
  • Grab a quick bite to eat, surf Ixtapa
  • Relax at our Villas
  • Sunset surf in Troncones


  • Dawn patrol surf up the coast
  • Relax / non-surf local activities
  • Evening surf session in Troncones
  • Many restaurants have live music at night

Departure Day-

  • Dawn patrol in Troncones
  • Fly home



Located in the mouth of Zihuatanejo Bay and accessible only by boat or a rocky hike. It's a left point break on reef of rock and coral and produces strong waves and tubes in the summertime.


Located south of Marina Ixtapa. A strong right beach break at a breakwater of rocks with a sandy bottom, some tubes; breaks 3/4 of the year.


A long-boarders paradise. Rides of over a minute are common with the best surfers able to pull off 30 second nose rides when conditions are right, which is often.


By far the most remote and popular. River mouth lefts and rights. The left point is the best area in the zone. There's a decent-sized long, strong break most of the year.