Sell your band merch with calitrippin

You may know me from taking photos at concerts or filling in on bass guitar for some local bands but behind the scenes I’m a full time IT guru for a global brand. My love for music sparked the idea to use my knowledge and expertise in IT & E-commerce to help smaller bands sell their merchandise online. In addition, I will take care of all the fulfillment/shipping of items to customers. This service of mine is structured to best benefit the bands and so i've priced it as low as i believe it can be operational- there are fees to cover the overall hosting of the store and handling of shipping items. Those fees will be completely transparent. The goal is that your band sells enough merch to cover the fees and therefore I provide you an avenue to profit from your online store.

In a nutshell- the band/seller will provide me with any/all physical items they would like to sell online. I will complete inventory by item (size, color for apparel), take professional photos of the items and list them online in a personalized collection. Based on the plan you choose (below) I will either provide you a script to add to your current band website or a link that will allow customers to easily navigate to your online store and purchase your items online. 

When orders are placed, they will go directly to me and I will ship items within 1-3 days of purchase. Every Monday I will provide a detailed report of all items purchased along with payment to the seller/band.

Select this 'merch' link in the upper left menu on this website to see an example of what your merch store would look like on your website.

I’ve structured 3 options to best suit your needs-



  • $50 one-time setup fee
  • 20% fee on all sold items
  • Under 100 items of inventory


  • $50 Monthly hosting fee
  • No setup fee
  • Includes Facebook shop
  • Instagram product tagging
  • Under 250 items of inventory


  • $100 Monthly hosting fee
  • Everything included in standard 
  • Personalized domain (
  • Monitor sales in real time
  • Option to host entire band website 
  • Option to use E-com platform for in-person sales at shows (with app & CC reader)
  • Logo package- choose 1 logo to be printed and sold on shirts & hats (online only)
  • Unlimited inventory
  • CONTACT ME IF INTERESTED, I will send subscription link separately.

More Information

Additional Fees

* Payment (credit card, paypal, etc.)
* tax
* Shipping (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.)
*** Customer pays, unless you offer free shipping
* Handling (mailers, boxes, labels, tape)

A few rules

* I will never sell any items that i don’t physically have in-stock (unless it’s a pre-order)
* For monthly payment plans I prefer a reoccurring payment method instead of deducting fees from your sales.
* You can ask for inventory to be returned to you at any time.
* you may cancel at any time.

How does my band get paid?

Every Monday I will provide a detailed report of all items purchased. The report will include each order, the total paid by customer and all deducted taxes & fees along with full payment to the seller/band through a pre-setup payment method (paypal, zelle or venmo).

Why sell merch with calitrippin?

My goal is to provide you a hands free, worry free avenue make your merch easily available and to sell your merch worldwide. I take care of all the hosting, listing items, storing items and shipping orders. I hope that you can find this service
valuable and sit back, collect sales profits and build your bands fanbase.
The name ‘calitrippin’ is completely hidden from your store but may appear on invoices.

I'm interested, whats next?

Select the 'Buy Now' or 'Subscribe Now' links and complete initial payment with PayPal. I will then reach out to you to collect inventory and reimbursement payment methods. Let's sell, sell sell!

Additional Services

In the future I plan to offer ways to help create merch with designers, screen printers, embroiders, laser printers, etc. contact me if you’re interested- there are some immediate options I can help with.

Other services I can help with-
*purchasing website domains (
*setting up custom email domains (