The CALITRIPPIN locals spotlight started as way to promote some of the local Pacific Beach surfers on Instagram, I've added them to the website to keep the stoke alive. The spotlighted locals live and breathe the CALITRIPPIN lifestyle and promote 100% good vibes. Fill out the contact form with a short bio and reason your should be featured and you may end up on this page!

ASHDON Byszewski

Age 20, Ashdon is proud to call Pacific Beach home. Born and raised in San Diego, she grew up surfing Crystal Pier as a kid and never saw a reason to leave. When she isn't ocean lifeguarding or working the ambulance- she loves to surf, skate, play ukulele and do lifeguard workouts at the beach.

FAVORITE SURF SPOT: Crystal Pier, San Diego, CA

FAVORITE TACO SHOP: Tie, between Taco Surf & Rigobertos

Mike Aronow

Mike loves blonde chicks, like fuckin loves them. Crowned the king of Tinder after filing down his swiping finger to just a nub, he still rips on the boards- whether it be the skateboard or surfboard.

FAVORITE SURF SPOT: Tie, Tinder & Bumble


KAY Saffe

Born and raised in Florida, Kay came to San Diego fo grad school and does not plan on leaving. An expert in surf history and culture, she recently made it to the championship round of SURFER Magazines 2020 Jeorardy.

FAVORITE SURF SPOT: La Jolla Reefs, Crystal Pier & North PB

FAVORITE TACO SHOP: Harry's Taco Club & Taco Surf