The surf photography business has been treating me well and the hard work I've put into it is starting to pay off. I've been the go-to photographer to hire for many local surfers when there's a big swell in the forecast. I've also done a few product shoots for surf brands that have made it into magazines and on amazon. Lately I've been photographing concerts which has been a whole new challenge and super fun.

Everyone keeps asking me when I'm going to have new hats or merch out so I finally worked with my hat designer on some new ideas, slapped the calitrippin patch on and here they are. I'm really not trying to pursue an apparel brand though its been cool seeing people/strangers wearing my merch around town and even shipping product around the world.

I'd like to 1st offer the new hats to my friends & family before they go live to the public. I'm down in Texas right now but ill be sure to ship everything ordered when I'm back home. Thank you for the support!

Thanks, Steve