Hong Kong, no not that Hong Kong

I'll start this blog post by stating that I am not into strip clubs, yet almost every time I'm in Tijuana- I end up at Hong Kong Gentleman's Club.

If you cross the border into Mexico you'll notice that 50% of the billboards and advertisements are for Plastic Surgery and Dentists and the other 50% are for Hong Kong Gentleman's Club. Even North of the border in San Diego there are advertisements on the radio and motorcades for Hong Kong at all of the local parades. Good marketing? Intriguing? not really... BUT if you ask me "it's always worth trying everything once". 

Why do I keep ending up there?

I'd say there are two reasons why I keep ending up at Hong Kong - 

1. The shrimp [street] tacos around the corner are amazing! This is always why I first end up in Zona Norte (Tijuana's red light district). It can be argued that all Tijuana street tacos are amazing and there are better places to go for tacos but when one place is tried and trusted and consistent you tend to make it a favorite. I usually make a stop here when I'm headed back to the US late night or when I'm craving shrimp tacos when the bars close in San Diego at 2am.

2. Since I have become familiar with the Tijuana scene, friends and followers trust to go there with me. There is always one person in the group who it's their first time in Tijuana and then also one or more persons in the group that insist we introduce the first timer to Hong Kong, and I seem to always give in. It's usually the girls that insist we go.

The Lowdown

Hong Kong is open 24x7 and located on Calle Coahuila in the Zona Norte area, a short 2-block walk from Zona Centro's popular Av Revolución and the famous Tijuana Arch. The are five other gentlemen's clubs on the same block and then more across the street and around each corner. There are four or maybe even five levels of the club, not including the 'hotel' upstairs. I typically get a table upstairs away from the stages and share a few beers and tequila with my friends. The servers are friendly and quick. Some people in the group will wander around and experience the atmosphere for themselves.

The Girls

Remember, this place is open 24x7, so depending on the time you arrive- set your expectations accordingly. I'd like to say there's the A squad and then it ranges down to the F squad outside of prime hours. There are a lot of girls so you will see a range of young and older, natural and fake but you'll also see out-of-shape and marsupials (if you can put that metaphor together). And i'm pretty sure you can take any girl you choose upstairs to the 'hotel'.

So what's the hype?

I don't think the hype is with Hong Kong itself but more the fact that it's in Mexico and the rules we're accustom to in the US just don't apply there. You'll also witness some 'filthy' acts that again, you'll never witness at a gentleman's club in the US.

NO, I am not referring to the infamous 'donkey show' in Tijuana, which I have never witnessed, nor want to witness, although I have heard that it does really exist.


I will leave my description and opinions about Hong Kong at that. There is a lot more to be said or experienced but I'll let you decide that for yourself. Remember, it's not the US and pretty much anything goes. With that said- if you're looking for trouble, you'll probably find it- so don't be stupid.